A wishlist of books I want to read

Place to find pirate ebook: libgen.li

  1. Wolf of Wall Street: Wolf of Wall Street

  2. The Rational Male Collections: Collections on Amazon

    • Pt.1: The Rational Male (2013) have a look

    • Notes of The Rational Male
      • Truth to Power:
        • People trying to mymic PUAs skills as standard behaviour, but didnt really
          obtain the true Power and understanding, that’s why they revert to a chump again
      • Buffers:
        • “Gió tầng nào sẽ gặp mây tầng đó” idiom is most likely a buffer
      • Plate theory
        • Plate spinning man is not a player, cuz you’re frank, honest, upfront in the outset
          , yet Indirect Way. Players don’t, they hide and fear the others will find out.
        • Competition anxiety in female is analogous to Fear of rejection in male
  3. The Game, by Neil Strauss The Game

  4. The Tate bible

  5. Book of Pook https://bookofpook.com/

  6. Down the Rabbit Hole, by Holly Madison Down the Rabbit Hole

  7. 4-Hour Workweek

  8. Mystery Method

  9. Why we sleep

  10. Rich dad, poor dad