Make your Hexo blog appear on Google Search

This is an article helping you to set up a Hexo plugin that helps your blogs appear on Google, Bing, and Baidu search engine

I will only mention the way to set up the configuration for Google Search Engine since it’s more complicated then Bing, and I don’t use Baidu

Basically, you should only read this post after reading this Official Document (

Let’s go

There are steps:

  1. Create a google search console account
  2. Create a project and a service account to use Google Indexing API
  3. Add the service account mail to the Ownership

Create a google search console account

Create it then add a property to the account which is your website, there are several way to verify the ownership, there’s no complexity here so you should figure it out yourself

Create a project and a service account

You can follow this guides to accomplish this

Add the service account mail to the Ownership

This is where the problem happens. I didn’t read the guides fully, because they already mentioned it here, a below section on the article

If you don’t add the service account’s email to the ownership list, you will get this response when you try to do submit the url

Google response:  {
error: {
code: 403,
message: 'Permission denied. Failed to verify the URL ownership.',

Here’s the solution:

You go to Google Search Console (also there’s this old webpage here mentioned in several places when it comes to this verification failure, since there was a bug in the Google Search Console, but it’s fixed so you don’t need to care anymore )
on the right side, scroll down and click on Settings, then Users and permissions
here, you click Add user and paste your service account email which should look like, then set the permission to Owner

And you’re done. If it helps please comment down below to let me know